How to book

To book any of our courses, call our business centre team on the following:


Our specialist team will advise you of course dates and availability and will take the necessary details from you so that they can complete the booking transaction.

When the booking has been processed, joining instructions will be sent out immediately to you, detailing your course venue, start time and highlighting any items that you need to bring with you.

Please note that all bookings are made subject to our terms and conditions, which are set out in the booking forms.

Payment Terms

Customers using our services for the first time and self sponsor delegates are required to pay at the time of booking.

Account customers will be invoiced as per agreement.

The course prices displayed in course booking documentation are valid until the end of 2019 and are inclusive of VAT.

Project Maritime Training and Survival Offshore Training reserves the right to revise prices at any time. Customers will be advised of any price changes at the time of booking.

What gear do I need to bring along?

This is laid out in your training confirmation letter you will receive from us.

What is the starting time of the cousre?

All delegates need to report by 08h00 in the morning on the first day.

What is the completion time of the course I am attending?

This is course dependant but it is usually between 15h30 and 16h30.

What is the alcohole and drug usage policy?

Zero tolerance with random testing of all persons entering the premises.

Do I need to know how to swim?

No. we are here to teach you how to use the survival aids that may be available to you.

What is the dress code?

Closed shoes with civilian clothing. PPE will be supplied to you for the course.

Where can I get a copy of your terms & conditoins with regards to cancellation and non-arrival on the day of training?

This is available on the site and can be found in your training confirmation letter sent to you.

What is the language of instruction?
How can I get a replacement of my certification?

You need to email our bookings department with your request.

Are meals provided during the course?

On the physical courses yes. This information will be found in your training confirmation emailed to you.

Do you have special safes for weapons?

We have limited safes available. We ask that you rather refrain from bringing your weapon to the training facility.

What kind of medical is required as per your joining instructions?

This information is found in your training confirmation emailed to you.

What do I do if my certification has expired?

You will need to complete the full course again.

What happens if I cannot complete the course for some or other reason?

This will be handled on a case by case basis by senior management.